Social Media Marketing is about all the craze with the internet right now. Everything is being connected in more intricate ways; social media is no longer just for friends to talk; it’s a place for people to meet new people, stay in touch with the people they know, and keep up with what they care about. If you’re a small business, you have an advantage over larger corporations in that you can keep a more personal relationship with your customers. Big companies can’t stay on a first-name basis with their loyal customers, but you can. Big companies also don’t have personalities; they’re engines run by cogs. You, however, are passionate about your field, and want to connect with your marketplace on a more personal level than big companies are, and on the internet, social media is just the place to do that.

What Difference Does It Make?

Staying in touch with your customer-base and establishing a fandom centered around the whole experience of your business is a very viable way to create repeat-customers and build a strong online reputation– it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re a small business owner; your business is part of your passion. How nice would it be to be able to connect with your customers any time you want? Learn what they are thinking, and what they want. Another great benefit of social media is that you can communicate more effectively with a great number more people than you can in person. In person you can probably only handle a few people at a time, but a single tweet, Facebook update, or LinkedIn post can be seen by thousands within minutes. It’s a great way of keeping your brand and business in the minds of your customers and for reaching out to new people.

Isn’t Social Media Hard To Upkeep?

Most social media has mobile-integration, so keeping up with your business’s social media is about as difficult as sending out a few updates a day– that doesn’t necessarily have to be managed by you, either. If you have a contractor or a business partner like WebsiteDesignMiami keeping up with your business’s online presence, you can simply call up your social media expert/manager and say something like “Hey I’m having a clearance sale today. Make a post about that.” and your social media manager will expediently deliver that to as many social media platforms that you have; and your customers could see that and respond immediately. It’s a very cost-effective process. Also, your PPC and SEO campaigns can integrated with your Social Media Marketing efforts to achieve a consolidated online marketing plan that targets all mediums, exposing your brand through all possible online channels.