We offer the cutting edge of SEO web design services in the Miami, FL region. What is “SEO” you might ask? It stands for Search Engine Optimization; which in turn means putting words in the text-content of your website that people frequently search for in search engines. If you do it right– like we do– it will put your website securely near the top of results pages, which will drive more traffic to your website as well as make you easier to find. There’s a lot to say about how SEO works; search engines are impressive pieces of engineering and are always changing, but mostly SEO is going to be about the use of theme keywords.

Theme keywords are the choices of words you have in the content of the website you’re developing that are centered around a common theme. In the case of what you’re reading now; everything on this page is roughly more or less related to web-development or related services, which may be why you found this website to begin with if you used a search engine to get here. It helps to have words that are actually contextually related because search engine technology today is amazing and is built to pick up on what we could call context-clues; but in the search engine industry we call this LSI.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing; it’s a technique that takes the latent semantics –latent meaning “hidden but still there”, and semantic meaning “the meaning of words”– from words that are commonly searched together and can then build up an association between one word and the next, and from there draw conclusions about what words actually mean in any given context. This powerful tool lets search engines appear to have a deep understanding of not only what keywords you search for but what you mean when you type in a search query. In essence Latent Semantic Indexing is just the order of meanings and associations in which theme keywords are stored. The exact method by which they’re organized is called Latent Semantic Analysis, or LSA.

An analogy for the difference between LSA and LSI would be like a library shelf. The Dewey Decimal system; being the method that libraries use to organize their books is like LSA. The actual books and their placement on the library shelf is like LSI. Different search engines are like different libraries.

Truly expert Search Engine Optimization will use the right theme keywords in conjunction with one another in order to take advantage of the all latent semantic techniques that search engines use. This is skilled work that WebsiteDesignMiami.net does and can often mean the difference between tens of weekly visitors to your website or more than thousands.