Landing pages are the most important part of your website; It’s the first impression that the website visitor gets of your organization and from there they should be able to access any information or other pages they might need on your website. Landing pages should provide a text-based description that fully captures the essence of what you want to convey to the user as well as have ambient Search Engine Optimization.

A picture is worth a thousands words– maybe even more in the fast-paced world of internet traffic; so it’s important to note that every landing page should have some kind of relevant imagery on it that quickly sets the mood of your website. A general rule of thumb for picking the right image and visual aesthetics would be: picture someone who didn’t understand your website’s language at all visiting your page. Would they know what your website is pretty much about? If so, then you’ve done a good job picking the right visual aesthetics to your website.

Another thing to take into account is that, for most business-websites, it’s about the business; not the website– so your contact information, operating hours, and address should be visible from the landing page.

So to recap: A good landing page design needs to have high-quality text that perfectly portrays your business, it needs the necessary images and visual aesthetics in order to quickly convey the type of website you want to have, it needs to list your contact information in an easy-to-spot place, and it needs easily navigable resources such as other content-pages to browse.

What difference does that make?

Landing pages can really make or break a website. If you mess up and have frequent misspellings or a shoddily crafted layout; it makes your business immediately look dingy and low-caliber to website visitors who might become new customers. While website visitors probably won’t turn into business customers because they thought your landing page was really neat– that comes more from the kind of information they learn on your website– it does mean that a website visitor definitely won’t turn into a new customer if they don’t get the right impression about your business from the landing page they see.

What does WebsiteDesignMiami do differently?

We deliver the highest-quality landing page optimization in Miami. We have access to seasoned professional writers and graphic artists who can carefully craft the flow and enjoyability of your business’s website while also making it technologically secure and efficiently functional. A frequently neglected feature that all small-business websites should be aware of is Search Engine Optimization. Every one of our writers is experienced in optimizing search engine recognition of your website.