I can get an email address for free with other services. What’s the big deal? Every second about two million emails are sent. That’s the big deal. When you sign up for a private email address with a service like gmail or yahoo, you’re still using gmail and yahoo’s umbrella email servers. (the ‘@chosenemailprovider.com’ at the end of your email address.)– and if you’ll notice you have a cap on how many outbound emails you can send with your private email address. This might not be a problem at all for a typical individual person, but it’s a big problem for businesses with hundreds of clients or a newsletter that they’d like to put out.

If you try to run a business with a personal email address as your primary means of access; not only are you differentiating yourself as not-so-professional; but you’re also limited in the functionality of being able to send out as many emails as you need, and other key features that most professional email services offer.

Email Briefly Explained

Email is another one of those protocols that machines connected on the internet use to talk to one another, similar to how domains work, email works by routing messages to an email host, and then from there to email recipients. The text that goes before the ‘@’ symbol is the email recipient, and the text that goes after the ‘@’ symbol is the email service provider of the person you are sending an email to.

When you set up email services for your business; you are then able to assign work-emails to each and every employee or given email account. For example; bob@bobswebsite.com, or support@bobswebsite.net, or becky@bobswebsite.org. This way Bob, Becky, and whoever does support can differentiate between work email and personal emails, and there are other organizing factors like admin features that are just handy to have around.

WebsiteDesignMiami’s advantage

We offer pre-packaged email software that’s easy to integrate with standard domain hosting. Essentially, that translates to “our work-email services are really easy to set up and maintain. It also can run on the same machine that handles your website.”– which is better than standard emailing services because other emails typically run on some other hosting service that gives you your own email handle; rather than giving you your own email service that’s yours and yours alone. This slight differences can make a big difference on the deliverabilty of your messages. In a nutshell, emails coming from the same server where the domain is hosted tend to bypass the recipients’ junk mail filters.

Another thing that WebsiteDesignMiami does is it also optimizes your outbound email headers and other identifiers. What this means is that, a lot of times, services to personal email accounts come with spam-filters that quite often block emails from businesses unless those emails have the right information and “flags”– typically elements of the email header that mail service providers scrutinize in order to determine whether any given email is spam or not.

When you host your email with us, we’ll make sure your legitimate messages are not flagged as spam.