What are Domains?

Domains are just a fancy short-word for “the name of a website”– but the word “domains” was used in the beginning of the internet when it was still very small, and it’s shorter than saying “website name”, so it stuck as that word.

Domains explained

So the internet is just a very large network of a bunch of machines that are connected together. Those machines have to talk to one another by sending little messages to the next closest machine with an end-recipient in mind. Each machine passes this information along to other machines until the message gets to an end recipient.

To illustrate this, think of kids passing notes across the room in school; a note gets passed from one kid to another until it hopefully gets to where it needs to go– you might even have a little on the message like to: Becky. Here’s the deal though if we want to stick to that analogy. Picture a classroom that’s way larger than a soccer stadium. Not everybody knows every other person’s name, but what they do know… is the way the seating is arranged. They know how each zone is laid out, and they know how columns and rows work, in short, they have a “protocol” that they can follow in order to get notes to where they need to go. So now if you want to send a message to someone, you pretty much have to know their seating address– wouldn’t it be nice to have like a catalog where you can look up a name and find the seating address? – After all, it is really hard to remember all those columns and rows and zones and things.

 In the internet we call that system of passing notes around “Internet Protocol”– IP for short, and we call each person’s seating address “IP address.” Every machine connected to the internet has an IP address just like how everybody in the soccer stadium has a seat. That catalog that we use on the internet to look up the address of people who’ve listed their names in said catalog is called “Domain Registry Service” or DNS for short. This is so that you can just type in “WebsiteDesignMiami.net” into your browser and get here instead of remembering our IP address which is [].

So what does it mean to offer domain services?

If you want to have a website, you need a domain name. There’s actually upkeep involved in getting a name and keeping a name on the internet. It can be a real hassle for a business to have to keep up with all of the updates of the Domain Registry, and making sure the machine that handles your website still runs. We take care of all of that. We take the name that you want, and check if it’s valid, then put it in the registry, and make sure it stays there.