What is Analytics? What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking refers to call tracking software; what this software does is it records the details of a call. Call tracking records what number a call was coming from, what number it was going to, how long it took for the call-receiver to answer, how long the call lasted, who hung up first– these sorts of things. In short; Call Tracking generates quite a bit of data. Principally; this data is used for performance-based advertising– in which case, you’d have a deal with an advertiser or promotional company and agree that if you get more phone calls coming in than you normally do, you will pay the advertising company a set amount per increase in call volume. However, call tracking software also generates quite a bit of data about your business, which in turn is interpreted by a practice called analytics.

Analytics is useful for a number of reasons that can provide critical information for a business. Typically, analytics software organizes certain aspects of the data of your calls or website information. Analytics can reveal clues about where your customer-base is calling from or where the visitors of your business are from, it can reveal the average call-length of a call that results in a sale, it can reveal the most popularly browsed article or product on your website– and it can reveal much more information that you can use to better direct your business-strategy.

Why should I be interested in Call-Tracking software?

WebsiteDesignMiami offers call-tracking software because, in the very least, it’s quite useful to have around– even if only to organize all of your call-data just for archive purposes; that way you won’t ever have to worry about permanently losing touch with a customer that has talked with your business over the phone. Additional to that, call-tracking software can be used to generate usable data on the nature of calls that come in to your business.

What does Analytics have to offer?

Analytics and the software that comes with it can be an essential tool in determining the right direction for your business to grow. Analytics interprets real data into meaningful graphs, charts, or indicators. Is your fastest growing customer-base coming from a specific geographical location? How long should you train your employees to talk to customers over the phone? How much of your business is repeat-business? Would doing online payments within your website make sense? – these are questions that you will have to address as a business owner or manager; and analytics is the tool by which you will be able to weight all the quantifiable information in order to make the right decisions.